Police and the Paranormal

Paratalk dips its toes back into the paranormal pool for some more Police and the Paranormal. This episode we take a look at a collection of head scratching spooky accounts from police on the beat. Including accounts of what could be UFOs to Ghostly encounters.

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5 thoughts on “Police and the Paranormal

  1. Chris R says:

    Great to hear another episode Reeves.

    Always love paranormal accounts given by police, we tend to expect as they are trained to be observant and perhaps naivly more ‘trustworthy’ than the general public that it lends more credance and accuracy the story.

    Hoping you can get some other guests in the future episodes to ask questions and discuss the accounts in more detail.

    Best wishes and I hope you have much success with carrying on the series.

    1. Paratalk says:

      Hi Chris
      Agreed, it is something I am putting together. Those episodes will be a little more free flowing, I think that will also add a new dynamic to those episodes.

  2. Chris Budinger says:

    Hi Reeves I enjoyed the Police stories wish they were 1 hour long 😂 I Appreciate your hard work and keep it up we are still listening Regards Chris B

  3. Shawn Greenwood says:

    The first one sounds like they saw a ball of plasma, they can be different sizes, shapes and colours and can be still or move quickly changing direction at odd angles, they are also known as earth lights and have been seen rising out of the ground or pools of water.

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