Our Paranormal Books

This episode, Tom and I dig deep into our book collections and pull out some of our favourites to talk about and give our options on.

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Books Covered In the Episode.

Ghosts Over Britain. by Peter Moss

Ghosts and Legends of Staffordshire and the Black County. by David Bell

Gef! The Strange Tale Of An Extra-Special Talking Mongoose. by Christopher Josiffe

Will Storr vs The Paranormal. by WIll Storr

Paranormality. by Richard Wiseman

Nights in Haunted Houses. by Peter Underwood

This House Is Haunted. by Guy Lyon Playfair

Is There Life After Death. by Anthony Peake

The Holographic Universe. by Michael Talbot

Communion. by Whitley Strieber

Sacred And Herbal Healing Beers. by Stephen Harrod Buhner

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